Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), University Hospital Inselspital

Optogenetic dissection of hypothalamic regulation of sleep-wake states

Antoine Adamantidis (PI) Project summary

Clock synchronization: From brain to periphery or periphery to brain?

Urs Albrecht (PI) Project summary

FGF21 is a link between reproduction and energy balance

Urs Albrecht (Sinergia, Co-Applicant) Project summary

Sleep loss and sleep disorders and their impact on the short and long termin outcome of stroke

Claudio Bassetti (PI), Mauro Manconi (Co-applicant) Project summary

Autonomic Function and Cardiovascular Risk in Restless Legs Syndrome – the AUTO-REST Study

Mauro Manconi (PI), Claudio Bassetti (Co-applicant) Project summary

Magnetic resonance techniques to determine metabolite levels: extending scope and clinical robustness

Claudio Bassetti (Co-Applicant), Roland Kreis (PI) Project summary

Therapeutic response and neurobiological prediction markers in auditory verbal hallucinations

Thomas Dierks (PI) Project summary

Neural Response to Catecholamine Depletion in Unmedicated Remitted Bulimic Subjects and Healthy Controls

Gregor Hasler (PI) Project summary

Motion and spatial neglect

René Müri (Co-Applicant), Thomas Nyffeler (PI) Project summary

Aphasia and co-speech gestures

René Müri (PI) Project summary

Role of executive functions on language: an experimental and clinical approach with application to mother language and second language

René Müri (Co-applicant), Jean-Marie Annoni (PI) Project summary

Interference with gesture control and transcallosal white matter integrity: A theta-burst stimulation and diffusion tensor imaging study in apraxia after stroke

René Müri (PI) Project summary

A brain state-dependent role of reactivation for memory formation

Björn Rasch (SNF Professorship)

Neural mechanisms of self-control depletion and its mitigation

Björn Rasch (Co-applicant), Malte Friese (PI) Project summary

A Bayesian Inference Approach to intracranical EEG Seizure dynamics

Kaspar Schindler (PI) Project summary

The habitual foundations of adolescents facing the loss of a parent – how is institutional support interiorized?

Benno Schimmelmann (PI) Project summary

Early detection of psychosis in children and adolescents: an evaluation of current at-risk criteria

Benno Schimmelmann (PI) Project summary

Imaging large scale neuronal networks in epilepsy

Roland Wiest (SPUM, Co-applicant) Project summary

Establishing Novel MR Criteria for the Assessment of Malignant Glioma Progression

Roland Wiest (Co-applicant) Project summary