BENESCO lecture series 2016/17


The BENESCO lecture series during fall term 2016 and spring term 2017 consists of a teaching classes on signal analysis by MATLAB and lectures on neuro-medical technologies in sleep, epilepsy, consciousness and cognition.

  • Teaching classes:  Introduction to current tools and methods used to acquire brain signals including practical exercises on signal analysis by MATLAB with provided solutions.
  • Lectures: will be taught by national and international experts. The huge technical progress in the last years and the increasingly better understanding of the central nervous system allows the development and fine-tuning of new neuro-medical technologies.

Lecture schedule


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , please indicate full name, PHD-program and supervisor


Fridays 12:30-13:30
(if announced 12:15 in case of administrative meeting)


ATTNETION NEW ROOM: Intensivbehandlungs-, Notfall- und Operationszentrum (INO), Floor B, Room 118