10th Annual Meeting Clinical Neuroscience Bern (CNB)

January 22, 2015
University Hospital of Psychiatry (UPD), Bern
Wirtschaftsgebäude Bolligenstrasse

The aim of the annual clinical neuroscience meeting is to bring together scientists whose interests are in the field of Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. It is an opportunity to present results and future research projects to colleagues and people in related fields of research.

The meeting consists of two keynote lectures, oral presentations, a poster session and two parallel symposia. 

KEY NOTE 1: «Sleep and memory in the Making. A journey between brain and behavior», Philippe Peigneux, Bruxelles. Chair: Claudio Bassetti, Bern
KEY NOTE 2: «Optogenetic modulation of sleep-­wake circuits in the brain», Antoine Adamantidis, Bern. Chair: Thomas Nevian, Bern

Members and nonmembers are kindly invited to submit abstracts until January 6, 2015