Lecture notes


 Machine Learning for Large-Scale Sleep Pattern
 Recognition from EEG

 Dr. D. Miladinovic & St. Bauer

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  Matrix calculus - an introduction using Matlab

  Dr. Christian Rummel




  02.10.2018 (Tuesday!)

  REM sleep in health and disease 2

  Prof. John Peever






 Auditory salience in the normal, sleeping and
pathological (epileptic) brain

 Dr. Luc H. Arnal





Sleep characteristics and cognition in the general
populatin: results from the HypnoLaus study

Dr. José Haba Rubio





  Pre-processing of EEG signals in MATLAB:
Importing time domain data, Filter design in the
frequency domain, EEG bandpass filtering

  Sebastien Dupertuis





Sleep Hyermotor Epilepsy (SHE) and
Disorders of Arousal

 Dr. Paola Proserpio






 Simple differential equations - introduction
 using Matlab

  Dr. Christian Rummel





  High Frequency Oscillations (HFOs) in
interictal intracerebral EEG

  Dr. Dr. Frédéric Zubler




 EEG-derived functional networks and
graph theory with Matlab

 Dr. Dr. Frédéric Zubler